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Yoga and Strecthing Classes (Endure24 READING)

New for 2018 we have a range of classes available to help keep your mind and body operating like a well-oiled machine for the weekend and beyond. Ranging from basic yoga, stretching and pilates, to quick, guided sleep meditation which will help you feel like you've had a full nights sleep!  All classes are suitable for beginners. Places are limited to safeguard quality and safety so please book in advance.

Endure24 (READING) 
Friday 8th - Sunday 10th June
Yoga & Stretch Schedule

4pm            Pre-Race Prep & Stretch                              50mins           

9.30am      Wakey Wakey - Stretch & Get Set!               50mins          
11am          Race-Ready Dynamic Stretch                      30mins           
3pm            Race-Ready Dynamic Stretch                      30mins                         

*8am-        Stretch & Recover                                       30mins+         
12.30/1pm                                                                     (repeating)
*Drop-in anytime from 8am - c.12.30pm, stay as long as you want or need
All classes are suitable for beginners
Class places are limited to safeguard quality & safety
Please book in advance where possible.

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