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Silva Headlamp Trail Runner 3X *SPECIAL OFFER

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  • SILVA Intelligent Light®. A wide beam in front of you and a long beam ahead of you
  • USB charging function. Rechargeable with a USB cord
  • Lightweight. No need to carry unnecessary weight
  • Battery indication. Shows battery status when turned off

Trail Runner 3X is a lightweight, comfortable headlamp for dedicated runners. With 250 Lumen, a light beam optimized for running, and a nimble, rechargeable battery, it is a perfect companion on dark trails.

SILVA Intelligent Light® optimizes the light pattern by the unique combination of a long reach spot light and a close flood light. With less head movements and a clear view of near as well as far obstacles, you gain the balance and confidence it takes to move fast and perform better. The anti-slip headband ensures a comfortable fit and the headlamp is built to withstand all types of weather and terrains.

The 1.8 Ah battery, which comes in a multi-attachment Velcro soft case, gives a burn time of up to 18 hours. An indicator and a low battery warning help you keep track of the remaining charge level.